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As one of the largest and fastest-growing Emergency and Hospital Medicine groups in the nation, we partner with more than 3,000 world-class providers who treat more than 4 million patients annually. Our team consists of motivated, personable, highly qualified people interested in putting the patient first. And because we’re a privately held, physician-driven company, we answer to stakeholders, not stockholders. We’re committed to doing the right thing for the patients, physicians and hospitals we serve. Which is why 98% of our physicians recommend us to colleagues and friends. 



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I just want to extend a thank you to WellnessWorks. I think we all know how difficult it can be to keep track of so many, especially when it comes to Workers' Comp claims and Wellness benefits. With the help of WellnessWorks, our experiences have been made much simpler and our visits to the Clinic and ER have run much more smoothly than we feel they would have without your efforts...we are grateful you have extended your assistance to us.
- ServiceXpress in Washington, Indiana
Schumacher Group has been a great partner in growing our hospitalist program. Their team has been forthcoming with communication, and we look forward to continued improvement and success.
- Donna Lohr, MSC,
Monroe Hospital - Hospitalist
We have been very impressed with the outcomes of our program since we've begun using Schumacher Group Care Management services. We are making sure that our patient accounts are compliant from the beginning and are avoiding the rework later on and also avoiding the possibility of getting denials from reviewers at a later time. We feel good knowing that the patient account status is correct and that the patients are not being charged any unnecessary fees due to improper classification. Our facility is very pleased that we chose Schumacher Group Care Management and we definitely would make the same decision again if we were faced with the same opportunity.
- Don Shaw, VP Revenue Cycle
Baton Rouge General Medical Center