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Empowering Informed Decisions

Measuring performance is critical to Emergency and Inpatient Departments’ success. And teams perform best when all members - caregivers, staff and leaders - are aligned, focused, and effective. For this reason, we provide our hospitals a robust yet clear-cut array of metric reports to monitor vital areas. 

See how our solutions help achieve operational efficiency across the board.

Facility Dashboard

Regular monitoring of critical data leads to action. Schumacher Group’s Facility Dashboard provides a monthly snapshot of how your ED is performing relative to targets, national benchmarks and other SG hospitals. The customizable Facility Initiatives section puts you in the driver’s seat. You determine what additional hospital or system goals you’d like us to monitor.

ED Statistical Profile

Your Emergency Department statistical profile ultimately reflects the efficiency of your systems and processes, and the quality of teamwork. The better the results, the more satisfied the patients.

Patient Satisfaction

A core aspect of our mission involves not only delivering quality care, but a good experience for our patients. Using either your hospital survey or ours, patient satisfaction is monitored and reported on a regular basis.

Facility Initiatives

Our focus is your focus. We help you customize and monitor your most critical hospital/ED initiatives, in addition to those found elsewhere on this report. For core measures, we pull data from the (public) CMS website and convey it in a crisp, focal fashion. 

Quality of Care

We monitor and report the quality of physician documentation on every patient seen at your facility. 

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