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Optimizing patient satisfaction is always top of mind in Schumacher Group affiliated Emergency Departments. We study and address satisfaction issues in hospitals nationwide, rendering vast improvements for our client facilities. Our innovative systems approach is responsible for helping over 75% of our reporting Emergency Departments be well above the national patient satisfaction average.

Our Task Force: A Team of MVPs

Our multidisciplinary task force is the catalyst for focused improvement in our EDs. It considers involvement from all stakeholders – physicians, nurses, administrators, ancillary services, housekeeping – every area. The task force employs a three-pronged approach that leads not only to improved satisfaction scores, but also to better patient flow, fewer walkouts and increased market share due to a happier patient population.

The approach includes:

  1. Systems thinking
  2. Team culture
  3. Education

Customized To Your Needs

We tailor solutions to each hospital’s unique situation, merging basics with innovative ideas. The result: patients move more efficiently through the system. Let us help you make optimal use of ED space and protocols, track patient progress visually, help naysayers embrace the initiative, give real-time significant feedback, and provide education, scripting and signage to keep the entire team focused.

Patient Satisfaction Tools and Resources

  • Surveys and real-time reporting
  • Monthly score tracking
  • Provider-specific tools
  • Dashboards that compare Schumacher Group benchmarks with national averages
  • Pocket guide to improving patient satisfaction
  • Physician thank you cards
  • Emergency Department patient liaisons
  • Patient satisfaction in-service
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