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Bridging the compliance gap.

CM_Landing_302x228_4098193Schumacher Group Care Management is the patient-centered, physician-led compliance solution. We bridge the gap, aligning clinical judgment with regulatory guidelines.

Governmental and commercial payers are focused on reducing improper payments and maintaining compliance with the rules and regulations governing medical necessity. In this era of accountability, providers must implement processes that yield dependable results.

Our expertly trained physician advisors and nurse case managers provide both real-time and retrospective medical necessity screening and compliance verification, ensuring the right medical necessity decision for your patients 100% of the time.

Schumacher Group Care Management has the people, processes and technology to deliver end-to-end care management solutions that assist you in ensuring compliance across the continuum of care.


CMS Settlement Agreement

On 8/29/14, CMS released its latest update on inpatient hospital reviews. To more quickly reduce the volume of inpatient status claims currently pending in the appeals process, CMS is offering an administrative agreement to hospitals willing to withdraw all of their pending inpatient-status claims in exchange for partial payment. The partial payment would be 68% of the net payable amount.

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Our physician advisors are specifically trained in regulatory guidelines to deliver medical necessity compliance and make recommendations.

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